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A British fashion brand, which resonates rich Indian culture, combined with contemporary western influences, specializing in hand embellished bridal and occasion wear.

AMKI is designed in the U.K and Canada, made with quality by Indian craftsmanship, expressing the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional silhouettes with intricate detailing.


The brand’s name is taken from the first two letters of each designer’s name, Amani & Kiren.

The two sisters grew up involved in family business from a young age; they experienced the values of working together and sharing innovative ideas, and the brand is

no different.

The sisters studied design and fashion, and it is here where they discovered their passion for textiles; experimenting with fabrics,

colour and contemporary designs.

Their first real transition into fashion started on their trip to India one summer whilst wedding shopping. In search for a bridal outfit, they were optimistic but felt there was very little that represented them as women growing up with western and traditional influences.

This led them to designing their own lehenga (Indian garment) and ignited the ambition of filling the gap in the market.



The woman who wears AMKI is in line with modern trends. She wants to be different and stand out from the crowd on any occasion. She represents confidence, style and timeless fashion.

The signature aesthetic of traditional-meets-modern, compliments the vision for the brand. Their collections take inspiration from the experience and interest in both the western and eastern cultures. Being hands on in the design process, from sketches to selecting fabrics, gives the designers the edge in the Indo-Western market and as innovative British Indian designers.

Each collection is designed with a distinctive concept or inspiration in mind.

Each concept for a collection is designed to be different to the next, allowing the brand to create its own influential trends.


The brand has exhibited their collections at London’s National Asian Wedding show and curated their very own pop up store in Canary Wharf, London.


Amki has worked with some amazing people within the creative industry such as;


- Aamir Naveed - Celebrity Hair stylist

- Gini Bhogal – Celebrity Makeup artist

-Serena Worldwide - BBC Asian Network presenter

- Jatinder Grewal – International Makeup artist

- Akshay Kumar - International Hair Stylist

- Divya Suri - Celebrity Makeup artist

- Nancy Shoker - Makeup Artist

- Hira Shah - International Model

- Shivani Sharma - International Model

- Ishika Sharma - International Model

- @tasdhaliwal - Influencer/ blogger 118k

- @Tanvi.x - Influencer/ blogger 26.4k

- @Nikimahon - Influencer/ blogger 93.4k

- @Rupskaur - Influencer/ blogger 17.4k

- @by.nima - Influencer/ blogger 14.4k

- @Onthehighchic - Influencer/ bogger 14.3k

- @britishbindi- Influencer/ bogger 11.1k

- @gsidhuxii- Influencer/ bogger 17k





Co-Founder & Fashion Designer


Amani graduated as a BA honours student in Decorative Art from the University of Nottingham Trent, in 2011. After facing many obstacles as a new graduate, but with a thriving passion for the creative world, Amani decided to venture into more familiar territory, business. Having grown up in the family business, she learnt the basics and value of hard work. She worked within the food industry for the first 6 years of her career, which ultimately, allowed her and her sister to independently finance the brand.

Co-Founder & Fashion Designer


Kiren studied fashion at the College of Cheltenham, taking inspiration from various cultures in creating her collections. This inspired her to delve deeper and explore the contrast of eastern and western culture.

With an eye for fashion from a young age, she had the idea of going into business with her sister Amani, and create a brand that would represent other young British Indian women like them.

Having an eye for detail, she wanted to focus on how traditional Indian garments could be adapted with a contemporary influence.


Amki will continue to create unique collections that represent them as a brand, taking inspiration from the aesthetics of the East, to the trends of the West.

The focus will remain on authenticity and traditional designs, combined with innovative fashion and evolving ideas.

Currently, the founders are in the process of venturing their brand into Canada; this has allowed them to expand their global reach and presence, in addition to opening up exciting new prospects.


The aim is to take their online brand and launch their first official flagship stores in the U.K, Canada and India.

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